Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Emma's Favorite Aunt!

Me & Emma
Mom, Renee, Rach & Mel

Thompson Family

Baby Emma Has Arrived!!!!!

Emma Bell Thompson decided to grace us with her presence about 9:05 PM last night. She came in at 7lbs. 14oz. & 20 inches long. She has red curly hair. Yes, I said red, and it is soooo cute!Being there to witness her birth was such an amazing experience. Rach did a great job and is happy & a little scared to be a mother. Cody nearly passed out from anxiety or the blood, I don't know which he thought was worse. Despite him wanting to cut the cord in fear of cutting off the Doc's finger, he did a great job also. Mom & Renee were also in attendence. What a great experience to share with my mom and sisters. I love you guys!