Monday, October 5, 2009

St. George Marathon 2009

This is Cory on the morning of the St. George Marathon with friends that he has trained with all year long. I am so proud of Cory for accomplishing his goal of finishing a marathon. I also think he is crazy that he is going to do it again. Why not just stick with 13.1? It's not so hard on your body. Props to everyone who ran. You guys are my inspiration!

Cory's Mom & sister came down from Salt Lake to support him. They came prepared with some funny signs. We were all so glad they were able to make it. Cory's grandparents also cheered him on at about mile 18. All of the support was greatly appreciated.

I made these shirts for the kids to wear that said "My Dad ran 26.2". Nobody else had shirts like these. If you are wondering where Kylee is, she was asleep in the stroller.

The Golden Ticket or Medal if you will. Cory did awesome finishing in 4 hours 25 min. He is already planning for next year to beat his time. Anyone want to join him?

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